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How to teeth whitening

One Small Package is All You Need!

The package includes:
  • 1 Advanced light activated whitening device (battery included)
  • 12 Disposable ready-to-use whitening foam strips
  • 1 Comfortable transparent whitening tray
Teeth whitening at home

Light Up Your Smile!

The blue whitening light has been developed to be completely safe. Clinical tests show little or no sensitivity!
Best teeth whitening kit Ottawa

Professional Home Whitening Kit

This whitening kit allows you to be wherever you want and get the white smile you want. You can use it On The Go as well as in the comfort of your home!

Six Easy Steps to Your Superstar Smile


Unwrap 2 foam strips and place them in the upper and lower openings of the double tray.


Place the tray in your mouth.


Press the whitening light on the tray and push the power button.


Wait for 20 minutes while the magic unfolds.


Remove the whitening light and the tray from your mouth and throw away the two foam strips.


Repeat the process the next day with 2 new foam strips, until your teeth have reached the desired shade.

Before and After Results

Johanne – Florida, USA

“I love this whitening kit, it is amazing, it really works.. I used it for my wedding and wow thank you so much guys!”

Stephany – Ottawa, CANADA

“Product works well, great stuff!”

Taylor – London, UK

“Great customer service..Easy to use..I saw results directly on my first application.”

Why Usmile is Right for You

Usmile is a company that truly cares about its customers, so we want to give you the best product out there. Our products have been fully testes clinically. With Usmile Whitening Systems, you can see the results in 5 days or less and have white smile for up to 2 years after! It represents a fraction of the cost of dentist charges and it is 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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